Monday, May 21, 2012

No update for the masses?

Still no Android 4.0.4 update for the masses. I am really surprised at this point that Verizon hasn't pushed out the latest 4.0.4 update yet. Its been a month and a half since Google released the code and GSM variants got the update. I was surprised how long it took for us to even see the Verizon soak test leak out. But now its been nearly 3 weeks and nothing from Verizon.

I'm starting to wonder if they weren't satisfied with their test and are awaiting some additional changes. Even if that were the case, I'm surprised they haven't released this version as an "update" and then push out fixes when they become available. There are a lot of reports online varying from no improvements to huge improvements in performance, but none regarding negative impacts. I've been running the test version now since the day it was released and haven't seen any issues that would make me think it should be held.

So what's the deal Verizon?  Are we going to see 4.0.4 released or is someone out there tinkering with the radios for you?



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